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Active White Vitamin C Skin Whitening Pills comes with aspecial formula that alters your skin tone, complexion and texture to make itlook fair, pink, smooth and shiny. These skin whitening pills use Vitamin C,the most powerful antioxidant, to make you skin fair and pink in complexion,while improving your overall skin and physical health.




Taking Active White Vitamin C Skin Whitening Pills is thebest way to get a fair and pink skin with a gorgeous, soft, smooth and shinytexture. The urban belts of a country and the rapid urbanization pose achallenge and a threat to our skin tone and skin health due to pollutants thatharm our skin. Millions of men and women alike live with plenty of skin damage dueto environmental pollution in cities.


So, Active White Vitamin C Skin Whitening Pills’smanufacturers came up with a formula to prevent skin damage caused by pollutionand the tanning caused by the sun. In addition to whitening your skin, ActiveWhite makes your skin look healthy via detoxification as an antioxidant.




Active White Vitamin C Skin Whitening Pills uses these threeprimary ingredients to render a fair and pink complexion with a smooth skintexture. The three essential ingredients are:

·        Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – 1000mg

·        Collagen extracts – 300mg

·        Alpha Lipoic Acid – 200mg

Active White also uses Cellulose, Purified Water andMagnesium Stearate along with the other three primary ingredients.


How Active White’s Ingredients benefit your skin:

Vitamin C – It’s one of the best antioxidants that detoxifyyour skin and body to eliminate melanin synthesis and hyperpigmentation. Thecontribution of Vitamin C to your overall health is also immense whileimproving your skin’s look and beauty.

Collagen Extracts – Collagen extract is an enzymethat’s responsible for the radiant glow that we see on the skin of some people.Collagen is naturally produced by the body through nutrients, by the Vitamin Cin Active White and also supplied through collagen as an ingredient. Collagenmakes your skin look healthy with a radiant glow. It is also a very naturalingredient that improves your health.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – One among the class of bestantioxidants, Alpha Lipoic Acid removes dead skin cells, rejuvenates your skinand replaces them with new skin cells. It is known to fight free radicals, performanti-aging functions and removes all sorts of skin blemishes and provides aradiant glow to your skin.



·        Glutathione, the Mother of All Antioxidants,enhances the results up to a thousand times, if it is taken along with ActiveWhite Vitamin C Skin Whitening Pills, though the latter provides a lot ofstandalone benefits by itself.

·        Active White eliminates melanin synthesis andhyperpigmentation, replaces dead skin cells with new cells and improves yourcomplexion to fair and pink.

·        Removes all types of skin blemishes as wrinkles,dark spots, age spots, etc.

·        Protects your skin from harmful UV rays andenvironmental pollution.

·        Acts as a skin moisturizer to protect you fromdry skin during winter.

·        Improves physical energy, vitality, strength andoverall physical health.


How to Take

·        Take two pills each day after meal for bestresults.

·        Enhance results a thousand times by combiningintake of Active White with Active White Glutathione.


Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person


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