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White light glutathione sublingual Skin Whitening spray


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Price :5000

White light glutathione sublingual skin whitening spray: The safest alternative for keeping your skin white and beautiful

White light glutathione sublingual skin whitening spray?

The white light glutathione spray is termed as ‘sublingual spray’ for the spray is under the tongue spray. The spray is administered orally in a way that the substances get effectively and rapidly absorbed when compared to the tablets or capsules via the digestive tract. Glutathione is that natural ingredient included in the spray that does not cause any kind of side effect. The Glutathione sublingual spray is the superb antioxidant that aids liver in getting rid of the body toxins, promote longevity by preventing heart diseases, cataract, cancer, osteoarthritis, asthma, AIDS, male infertility, hearing loss. Comprising of active whitening ingredient, glutathione, you cannot forget the skin whitening function of the spray.

It is a superb Glutathione supplement that never causes any side effect, but subtly keeps the fatal diseases at bay. While light Glutathione spray promotes whiter and pinkish complexion by helping one to get rid of darker skin, blackheads, skin patches and skin burns. Tanned skin can restore its whiteness and pinkish glow with the regular consumption of the Glutathione spray. It has now become the safest alternative to other skin whitening products that comprise of harsh ingredients like mercury, Hydroquinone that are hazardous and toxic nature. With white light glutathione spray you can attain healthy looking younger and white skin.

How White light glutathione sublingual skin whitening spray work?

In our everyday life, it is tough to maintain healthy, fresh and glowing skin for the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun along with harmful pollution tend to make the skin dark, dull and offers a series of skin problems such as uneven skin tone, dark patches, and pimples. The white light glutathione spray is the ultimate solution to all the problems for glutathione is the active ingredient that neutralises the free radicals responsible for causing skin damage and the aging process. With this particular ingredient, you can keep the skin cells function smoothly. Sublingual absorption is much faster than the capsule and tablet. The spray acts as both an antitoxin and antioxidant to fight against aging and body illnesses. Slowing down the aging process, the spray detoxifies and enhances the liver functioning, strengthens the immunity system, reduces the probability of cancer, functions to improve the mental functioning, increasing body energy, refreshes skin, promotes whiter complexion and softens skin, promotes anti-aging, promotes good oral hygiene, renders pinkish white and ultra charming skin. The spray heals darker spot that resulted from pimples.

How to use white glutathione sublingual spray?

Devoid of any kind of side effect, white glutathione sublingual spray can be used twice daily. Shake the bottle well and spray the solution under the tongue. Spray can be used after the meal or after brushing the teeth. The spray must be held for 20 seconds under the tongue prior to swallowing. Within the duration of 1-2 months you will notice the result. The only side effect it is said to cause is skin whitening which is the impact of over dosage. Antioxidant glutathione protects the skin cells from reactive oxygen compounds such as peroxides and free radicals.

Why should you buy White light glutathione sublingual skin whitening spray from beautyandhealth.in?

Skin whitening products offered by beautyandhealth.in comprises the antioxidant glutathione that gives you whitish and pinkish skin. All the products in the gallery restrict skin damage caused by harmful UV rays of the sun. An anti-ageing property of Vitamin C and Glutathione reduces wrinkles by eliminating the formation of fine lines. You can only expect superior customer service from our end.

Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

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Ashifa Ali on 6/19/2015 7:35:12 AM
4 Stars
Mera skin medium colour ka he amuje fair hona he. Kya mujpe ye spray akela effect karega ya muje saath aur koi product use karna padega jaise ki creams, tablet or saop??? Costly spray he, isliye muje lag raha he result bi jaldi hoga. Kuch discount milega aur ye final price he. Please reply kariye.

Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

Kajal sreeni on 6/14/2015 6:34:14 PM
4 Stars
Nice spray with good taste. Feel really fresh and good impact in skin tone.

Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

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