Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte And Vitamin C
  • Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte And Vitamin C

Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte And Vitamin C

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Biocell Collagen Platinum Forte And Vitamin C

Collagen Is Found Normally In Human Skin Layer For Scaffolding Our Skin Structures. It Provides Assistance, And Also Offers The Young Firm/Smooth Skin. When We Are Aged We Lose The Capability To Create Even More Collagen And Also Therefore Lost Of Flexibility, Look Of Wrinkles/Fine Lines Happened. Collagen Is The Most Ubiquitous Material Ad Found Mostly Abundance Of Fibers In Connective Cells Of Human Skin. Connective Tissues That Is Giving United States The Assistance, Firmer, Smoother And Also Suppler Skin. Also, Collagen Does Support Our Body Organs, Structure Of Tendons, Bones, Ligaments, Etc.
When Collagen Is Created, There Is A Complex Collection of Occasions That Involving The Vitamin C. It Helps to create the Precursor Molecule Called Pro collagen, And also Later on To Be Packaged/Modified Into Collagen. Without Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid, The Manufacturing of Collagen Will Be Interrupted. That Is Why Vitamin C Is Added Along with Collagen Injections.
Benefits Of Collagen Platinum Strength And Also Vitamin C Biocell:
Anti oxidant from a blend of high vitamin C antioxidants. Decreases damages to skin cells from environmental pollutants, preserves healthy and balanced skin cells, lightens up the skin, eliminates toxic substances from the blood and also lymphatic system.
Skin bleaching vitamin C speed up the activity of glutathione to detoxification and minimize the melanin pigmentation causes the skin and also plain skin.
Flexibility of skin Collagen specialty focus more than the coll. Various other brands Will certainly penetrate into the skin. Restores elasticity as well as suppleness to the skin throughout the body.
Necessary Amino Acid Amino Acid is a healthy protein in the cells and also tissues needed for the development as well as repair work of the body.
Assists the body to take even more nutrients to use a lot more effectively.
Ingredients Of Collagen Platinum Strong Suit And Also Vitamin C Biocell:
Ascorbic Acid (Vit C) 20,000 mg
Remedy Collagen D'extrait 15,000 mg
Aminox Essential Amino Acid 2,000 mg
Packaging Of Collagen Platinum Specialty Plus Vitamin C Biocell:
1 Box includes 10 Injection Sets x 5 ml
1 Shot Set = 1 Ampoule
Advised Dosage Method:
Intravenously (IV) by any type of Physician or Doctor. Use 1 tube per time (IV) for 1 to 2 session per week.
Not Suitable For:
Breast Feeder
Expecting Ladies
If having any allergy with vitamins
If any person having cardio vascular issue

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