Nexus Pharma Glutanex Glutathione 1200mg Injections
  • Nexus Pharma Glutanex Glutathione 1200mg Injections

Nexus Pharma Glutanex Glutathione 1200mg Injections



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The world's most trusted whitening IV drip. The Glutanex Drip is the planet's most potent antioxidant pharmaceutical cocktail which creates serious health and aesthetic advantages, even from only one to two sessions.


Nexus Pharma Glutanex Glutathione 1200mg

The world's most cutting-edge lightening IV drip, The Glutanex Drip is the world's most effective antioxidant pharmaceutical mixed drink which generates considerable health and aesthetic advantages, also from simply one to 2 sessions.

Nexus Pharma is the top merchant of Glutathione shots in Korea.

Although the majority of the earth's Glutathione Injections are open API (a raw part in powder type), Nexus Pharma's Glutanex Shots are entirely lyophilized (freeze-dried) glutathione. This ingenious manufacturing treatment enhances pureness as well as toughness, means they created for shot use.

Components of Injection and Dose:

Glutathione 1200mg

IV/ IM Injection

Loading Device:

10 Vials per box

Generally utilized for:

Melanin reductions (skin tone Bleaching), Effective anti-oxidant, Anti-aging.

Nexus Pharma Asconex (Ascorbic Acid 10 Gram).

Asconex Injections Has the optimal dose of Vitamin C & available in cost effective expense.

Asconex likewise produced in among one of one of the most innovative medicine facilities of South Korea, that generates numerous of the world 10g vitamin C injections. Like all Nexus Pharma shots that are initial, Asconex is amongst the Vitamin C shots with an all-product product packaging as well as product insert.


for Vitamin C lack, scurvy as an examples when an improved dose of Vitamin C is called for: expectant girl, bust feeding girl, excess manual labor for realities presuming of Vitamin C scarcity or metabolic problem.


10 Vials per box.

Active ingredients along with Dose:

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 10,000 mg/20mL.


IV/ IM/ SC Injection.

when used with Glutathione 1200mg deal quicker than manufacturers on the marketplace. Lipotocin not just contrasted to thioctic acid products like the Cindella in addition to 12 times. The result is incomparable to any other antioxidant IV drip when used.

Nexus Pharma Lipotocin (Thioctic Acid 300mg).

No thioctic acid could contrast the 300mg dose of Lipotocin. A lot more powerful compared to thioctic acid products like the Cindella and also 12 times greater, Lipotocin is shown to create the influence than manufacturers on the industry. Lipotocin not simply products. anti-ageing in addition to antioxidating advantages yet it furthermore relieves fatigue. The result is unequaled to any other antioxidant IV drip. with Glutathione 1200mg. Thioctic acid could contrast the 300mg dose of materials anti-ageing and also antioxidating advantages nonetheless it furthermore reduces.

Parts as well as Dose:

Thioctic Acid 300mg.


IV Shot.

Loading Unit:

10 Ampoules per box.

Also generally made use of for:

Skin Bleaching, Powerful anti-oxidant, Antiaging, Antioxidant booster (e.g. For glutathione and likewise vitamin C).

Storage space:

Guaranteed shaded containers, Shop precede temperature degree (in between 1 ~ 30?).

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