Quattrox Complexion 12 Skin Whitening Injections
  • Quattrox Complexion 12 Skin Whitening Injections

Quattrox Complexion 12 Skin Whitening Injections




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Quattrox Complexion 12 Skin Whitening Injections


Quattrox Complexion 12 Skin Whitening Injections

Quattrox Complexion 12 Infusion is a leading skin lightening treatment featuring a strong Glutathione blend. It is a favorite choice across premium spas and skin clinics worldwide, maintaining elevated l-Glutathione levels for continuous skin health even without ongoing treatment.

This unique skincare product offers a promise of glowing, translucent skin.

Suitable for every skin type, it refreshes and revitalizes the skin, achieving an impeccable skin tone.

With its rich Glutathione content, it effectively lightens skin tone and reduces various forms of pigmentation, leading to a smooth, luminous complexion free from marks like pimples and acne.

BeautyPlusHealth is known for its genuine products, confirmed by barcode scans.

Ingredients include:

  • 80,000mg JM Prowhite EGF HP DNA Glutathione

  • 10,000IU JM Prowhite EGF HP DNA Ultra Lyophilized Cell

  • 9,000mg JM Prowhite EGF HP DNA Poly Deoxy RiboNucleotide

  • 200mg JM Prowhite EGF HP DNA Vitamin B Complex

  • Melsmon Human Placenta

  • 15,000mg Bio-Rae Ascorbic Acid

  • 1,000mg Bio-Rae Tranexamic Acid

  • 1,500mg Bio-Rae Amino Acid

  • 4,000mcg Bio-Rae Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12)

  • 25mg Daehan New Pharm Thioctic Acid

  • 17.5mg Daehan New Pharm Ginkgo Leaf Extract

  • Daehan New Pharm Multivita

Key benefits:

  • Firms and enhances skin appearance

  • Reduces pigmentation and protects against environmental harm

  • Encourages a vibrant, youthful look

  • Moisturizes and renews skin, fighting signs of aging

  • Improves skin brightness and texture

  • Stimulates cell regeneration and decreases discoloration

  • Detoxifies and cleanses

  • Shields skin from sun damage and enhances elasticity

  • Clears acne and prevents future breakouts

  • Suitable for various skin types

  • Lightens skin and reduces scar visibility

  • Reduces dark spots and pigmentation

  • Stops acne development and improves skin complexion

  • Fights free radicals and minimizes pores

Recommended usage includes 1-2 injections weekly, depending on personal skin needs.

The package comes with 4 sessions, each containing 4 vials and 8 ampoules.

Safety advice:

  • Follow package directions.

  • Keep away from children and seal the product after use.

  • Stick to the advised application; seek medical advice if pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from health issues.

  • Store in a cool, dry area (1-30℃).

Not suitable for:

  • Nursing mothers

  • Those with a vitamin allergy

  • Expectant mothers

  • Individuals with heart problems

Produced in Korea.

Remember, results can differ from person to person.


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