Tatiomax Plus 1600mg Softgels
  • Tatiomax Plus 1600mg Softgels

Tatiomax Plus 1600mg Softgels




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High content of glutathione in liquid state has made this product so effective in whitening skin and removing all signs of aging. Tatiomax Plus is popular among all ages of people who want to change their outlook radically.


    Tatiomax Plus 1600mg Softgels

To achieve a faster result, or when the skin condition is too pathetic, individuals can try Tatiomax glutathione softgels. It is the most advanced form of skin whitening pill of modern times. It’s unique formula with glutathione as the base provides all necessary skin care ingredients to any human body.

Who can use?

Tatiomax glutathione softgels is for everybody above the age of 18 years. It’s not just a skin whitening solution, it is a way of complete body therapy for its millions of users.

However, there are some restrictions too –

Pregnant women should avoid this pill during their pregnancy period.

Women still breast feeding should also avoid Tatiomax glutathione softgels.

Individuals with any medical complications should consult their doctors or experienced dermatologists before taking this medicine.

What are its essential ingredients?

The essential ingredients of Tatiomax glutathione softgels are as follows –

L- Glutathione Reduced – 1000mg

Vitamin C – 100mg

Algatrium – 100mg

A.Stem Cell – 200mg

Collagen – 100mg

Alpha Lipoic acid – 100mg

With glutathione being the base of this extremely effective skin whitening pill, wide array of free radicals, toxic compounds and excess formation of pigments are reduced drastically.

What are its key benefits?

Here are some discerning benefits of Tatiomax glutathione softgels-

It is an effective anti-inflammation, anti-aging and antioxidant product.

It is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Provides defense against skin cancer.

Protects skin cells and collagen from early death.

Protects the skin from hyperpigmentation.

Helps to augment intercellular connectivity.

What doses are advised for normal individuals?

For any normal individual two capsules daily after lunch and dinner are sufficient to bring all desired outcomes.

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