Zaguta Japan 60000mg Skin Whitening Injection
  • Zaguta Japan 60000mg Skin Whitening Injection

Zaguta Japan 60000mg Skin Whitening Injection



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ZAGUTA GLUTATHIONE 600,000 mg Injection. Made In Japan

Best Selling Glutathione brand name in japan.

In addition described as "JAPAYUKI DRIP".

Glutathione Plus Amino Acids Facility.

JAPAN Organic eliminate create for skin whitening.

1. Genuine & Safe

2. Safe as well as tested reliable.

3. Efficient means to accomplish excellent end results.

4. 600,000 mg Japanese Drip/Push Gluta.

5. Authentic

6. Japan Service as well as with Qualification from ZAGUTA FACILITY & CO.


1. Anti-ageing. 

2. Skin lightening. 

3. Rise body immune system.

4. Skin firming & elevating.

5. Repair solution harmed skin cells Anti melasma.

6. Smoothing rough skin.

7. Lower acne/ acne.

8. Lessen pores.

9. Healing of mark.

10. Advertise Collagen.

11. Detoxification.


1. GLUTATHIONE 600000MG - 25ml for 6 vials.

2. VITAMIN FACILITY - 2ML for 6 ampules.

Vitamin A: 20mcg.

Vitamin E: 0.65 mg.

Vitamin C: 1250mg.

Vitamin D: 600i IU.

Vitamin B Center: 200mg.

Vitamin K, K1, K2: 500mg.

3. AMINO ACIDS - 10ML for 6 ampules.

Alaine: 750mcg.

Argine: 500mg.

Asparagine: 200IU.

Cysteine: 900mg.

Glutamine: 800mg.

Glutamic Acids: 500mg.

Glycine: 250mg.

Histidine: 100mg.

Isoleucine - 50mg.

Lysine: 2.5 mcg.

Proline: 2.5 mcg.

Serine: 750mg.

Threonine: 500mg.

Vaine: 500mg.


Weekly One Or Two Times Or as Directed By Doctor.

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